We offer: Selling , lease, reparation de bikes, mountain bikesscooters et other electric machines in our shop easymove on the Old Port de Marseille.

Phone: + 33 (0) 484 262 291


The store welcomes you from Monday to Saturday

de 10 h à 19h

The engine you have rented you got seduced) ? No worry you can buy it in our store! And we you will refund the amount of your activity (up to 45 €)!

You get a breakdown, need a reparation or diagnostic on your electric machine? Our workshop welcomes you with or without an appointment! 

You want to buy a ATV, ATV, scooter, skate, electric wheel, but you want to pay monthly, subscribe to options? We offer you a leasing service allowing you to commit to use, not property (long term rental).